22 December 2017

Assets By Spanx

Hello all my lovely readers!! It's been a minute since i hoped onto my blog! so crazy! With christmas being right around the corner i wanted to get on and talk about my favorite leggings of the season! Assets by Spanx Seamless Slimming Leggings, by far have been a dream come true for me, comfort wise. They are high rise so you know what that means ladies!!!! These puppies hold in that tummy pretty good (if you're looking to hold a little extra something something if you catch my drift) They give shape to your legs making them look long & trim! If you're short, like me, this is a huge plus for you! I'm also loving the stylish look they bring! I know, for me, i love my jeans but a good pair of legging never hurt any one! 
Assets by Spanx has a whole collection of famous leggings that you won't regret checking out! And the best part!!!...They are at TARGET! so, super affordable with great material that won't wear and tear. I've linked my leggings above as well at the rest of my comfy look. 

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday with family & friends! I love you all and i will see you in the new year!!

love you all!

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