31 March 2017

T3 Micro Review

Happy Friday everyone! Today on the blog i'm going to be talking about these AMAZING hair tools by T3 Micro. When it comes to hair care i am very picky about the tools i use. I take really good care of my hair so i take months and months to research different tools to use so my hair doesn't suffer. (I know, im a freak but thats okay) anyway... I kid you not when i say the straightener made my hair so silky smooth and it didn't make my hair smell or rough in anyway! You can see HERE i used the straightener look how shiny it is!!! my hair felt and looked amazing i couldn't be more pleased.
The Hair dryer didn't make my hair frizzy like most hair dryers do which is why i don't normally blow dry my hair but like i said, wow!! these products are worth the splurge in my opinion. If you're anything like me, and really care about your hair, then these are the products for you for less damage and more shine! I hope this review answers all your questions about some of favorite hair products! I get a lot of questions when it comes to my hair and i swear by these amazing products! Let me know if any of you have any more questions i'll be more than happy to answer them! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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