21 September 2016

why is it still hot?

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Hey everyone!! I'm going to start with the AMAZING lipstick im wearing (picture 2) ....have you guys ever heard of lipsense? Well, i was recently introduced by Lip.Stick.Luvers and oh my gosh...i think i'm seriously hooked! It doesn't come off, the color doesn't fade, and it seriously lasts me all day long! I forget im wearing it because im not worried about if my lipstick is smudging! it's seriously crazy and im obsessed! I'm wearing Praline Rose just in case any of you were wondering ;) click the link and check her out! She was so sweet, she showed me how to put it on, explained everything, all her tips and tricks to make it look amazing! If you've been wondering about this stuff i suggest you give it a try! She's giving all my readers a 10% discount using code: stephlexx
So, shoot her a message and she will hook you up<333

I know some of you are wondering...steph, why are you wearing a long sleeve shirt and jeans when its like a billion degrees in AZ?...and the answer to that is i have no idea. I'm still pretending it's fall over here because i'm dying to wear all my cute fall stuff! I just need it to cool down already, i can't even stress that enough. I literally die in this heat! Anyway, i got this gorgeous top from Vici Collection..i don't know if any of you noticed but i've been obsessed with that store lately and i check their site like every day to see if they have new cute stuff. Have any of you ever done that? You discover the CUTEST store and you become so obsessed that you buy everything from their for a while? or is that just me?If not what are some of your favorite stores so i can go check those out!!! Thanks so much for reading guys! I know i kind of blabbed on for a while but it means so much! much love to all of you and happy thursday!


  1. That top is seriously the cutest! You look so fab babe. Hope it cools down soon!

  2. Obsessed with those sunnies! I also love your top! Hoping for fall weather too! :) xo
    Dani //

  3. Love the details on that tip! Hugs, Kait