25 August 2016

These boots are made for walkin.

hey all!! This week has been a little rough for me. Alaina has been sick and so we have been stuck in doors for 5 days, poor thing. She's so miserable but she is starting to get so much better and today she seems to be back normal! So, im so happy! Who else is so excited for fall? me! I'm so excited and i can't wait to start shopping all the cute fall style! But, living in AZ kind of kills it because there really isn't a point to own fall stuft but i do still buy some! Gotta have those black boots! I decided to bring these babies out for todays post! these are a must have in your closet you guys!
thank you so much for reading and sorry i kind of rambled! happy thursday! almost fri-yay!

Light Grey Knot Knit Dress (on sale!!!!)  |  No longer have my boots :( but Similar Here  | 
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