07 July 2015

Been gone for a while....

I've been debating on whether or not i should start blogging again i am. It's been almost a year since i sat down and started typing again feels weird... but anyway! I've decided to start blogging a little bit here and there when i have some time (((:  ........
As many as you know i got pregnant the last year and had my beautiful baby girl this past Spring! I love her and becoming a mom has been the hardest most rewarding experience of my life. I thank Heavenly Father every day for that sweet little girl and im so thankful she chose me to be her mom.
One of the reasons for my absence was i had a really tough pregnancy...when i was 15 weeks pregnant i got the sharpest knife like pains in my back and had them through out the rest of my pregnancy it was a very tough pregnancy emotionally and physically. I had a C-Section for it because the pain had become almost unbearable....thinking about it makes me cry because it was really hard for me those 6 months. I couldn't walk i could barely move with out the sharp pains....I remember thinking if i was ever going to make it through this pregnancy....but i did!!! and now 2 months later i have been in physical therapy recovering from the damage my body went through through out the pregnancy. I'm almost done and i couldn't be happier that the pain is almost gone and i am almost able to live my life normally again. It's been the toughest year of my life and i've had a lot of trials but it's taught me so much to be grateful for the smallest things because we don't think about not being able to walk, it doesn't cross our minds or to be able to sit and run and stand normally we don't think about it but when something happens and that is no longer an option its really hard and i've learned to appreciate my body and i've been learning a lot about it and how it works and what i need to do to keep it healthy. Trials come unexpectedly sometimes and we don't have much time to prepare for them but i know that we can either let them break us or teach us..... :( well, that's a little bit of my story and i'll be blogging here and their about Alaina!! of course and some fashion tips as well. Thanks for following me on this journey and reading my blog! I love blogging and i'm happy to be starting it again!!!(:

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