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22 December 2017

Assets By Spanx

Hello all my lovely readers!! It's been a minute since i hoped onto my blog! so crazy! With christmas being right around the corner i wanted to get on and talk about my favorite leggings of the season! Assets by Spanx Seamless Slimming Leggings, by far have been a dream come true for me, comfort wise. They are high rise so you know what that means ladies!!!! These puppies hold in that tummy pretty good (if you're looking to hold a little extra something something if you catch my drift) They give shape to your legs making them look long & trim! If you're short, like me, this is a huge plus for you! I'm also loving the stylish look they bring! I know, for me, i love my jeans but a good pair of legging never hurt any one! 
Assets by Spanx has a whole collection of famous leggings that you won't regret checking out! And the best part!!!...They are at TARGET! so, super affordable with great material that won't wear and tear. I've linked my leggings above as well at the rest of my comfy look. 

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday with family & friends! I love you all and i will see you in the new year!!

love you all!

01 August 2017

groupdealz finds

Happy AUGUST! can you even believe summer is almost over? holy moly. well, for me its a good thing because i live in hell. (Literally) it's too hot here! haha. 
anyway, on todays blog post i am showing you some of my favorite pieces from GroopDealz i love them! they have the cutest basic staples every one needs in their closets and so much more! When i need a quick every day dress or a cute quick swimsuit i always go there! Everything i buy is under 30 bucks! i mean! hello! yes, and the quality of the clothing is so nice! I've also, phone charger, stuff for alaina, home decor, you name it. It's all there. I've linked some of my favorite finds that i bought from the shop down below. (you can also find my shoes, leather jacket,  and purse, if you click on them. )
(they no longer have my maxi floral dress or everyday tee dress when they come back i will be the first to let you all know!!)
hope you all have a fab rest of your tuesday!

20 July 2017

my sunglasses obsession

Black T | Denim Shorts | My kimono is no longer stocked sincei got it 3 years ago! ha here are some similar ones here & here  | Booties | Zenni Sunnies

Happy Thursday everyone! Today on the blog i'm featuring these amazing sunglasses by Zenni if you know know by now i LOVE sunglasses. I'm always looking for different kinds and styles ..I think they just make your look and make you look so much cooler than you already are;)
I love that these are so much different than what i usually gravitate towards and the best part is that they also include different frames for regular glasses! SO COOL. they have so many fun choices in their new desert collection check them out you wont be dissappointed! I am seriously OBSESSED.
Hope you all have an amazing Thursday!
much love,

*This post was sponsored by Zenni. Even though i was compensated to write a post about Zenni's all opinions are my own.*

18 July 2017

Instagram Round Up

Hello all my beautiful people! It's been a hot minute since i blogged! ooops! lol, instagram is just so much easier and quicker, am i right? yes, i know im lazy. and a mom so theres that! i'll get better i promise! In this blog post i put together some of my popular looks from my instagram and linked all my outfit deets down below! Linked everything and then some!(sorry all the numbers are mixed out at the bottom of the order of the photos but you get it, right:) Happy shopping my loves! Stay stunned and look out for my nordstrom post coming this weekend on my fav picks from the sale!
mucho love,

outfit 2.
they no longer carry this chambray dress but i've linked a 
few of my favs all under 40 bucks! ;)

outfit 1.
and its on sale 35 bucks!

outfit 4.
i love me a good bodycon dress this one is so gorgeous guys! in love!

outfit 3.
guys this dress is like. ugh. gorge.
i'm a size 8 (thats a small in uk sizes) so there is only 10 left so if you're a medium be quick this dress
is almost sold
i've linked some similar ones that i think you guys will love as well!

outfit 5.
i'm obsessed with off the shoulder lately 
here are some of my fav picks for under 20!!!
all from forever 21! forever 21 is my go to when i need great quality clothes for a good price! 
good ole forever! they never disappoint! and also free shipping when you spend 50!
these jeans are sold out :( sad day.
i'lll link some of my fav jeans
these jeans are all true to size
and both under 40!

my fav section shoes.
i get so many compliments on these wedges. 
i also have found some that are identical and more affordable!

24 May 2017

Wrap Skirt Perfection

Calvin Klein T-Shirt & you can also find it here | PB&J Boutique | my shoes are no longer available you guys! :( sad day but here is the link to my favorite heels from steve madden Right Here & Here! these are only 40! on sale!

It's mid- week ya'll im so excited! Wednesday's always make me happy because the week goes by so much faster! Who else is with me?!? Sorry i haven't been posting as much you guys! I decided to take little break from actually posting on my blog and it was much needed! So, thank you for following me on instagram still! If you don't know it here it is -->Instagram Account
Today, i'm talking about this gorgeous skirt it's so comfy and stretchy in the all the right places(if ya know what i mean ;) i can eat whatever i want with out it feeling tight bonus!)  It's very flattering for every body type... On me it hugs me a little bit more but i love that! Pair it with a blouse or casual Tee like i did, throw on some teenis shoes or some heels and your chic or casual chic! I tend to gravitate towards pieces that i can dress up and down being a mom, i need comfy, and i need stretchy, to be able to chase my two year old around! 
I linked the skirt above so check it out! & also check out their amazing boutique i love all their different styles and pieces! 
hope you all have a great rest of your day and week! 
I love you all and thank you for 20k on instagram! I appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart! 

09 May 2017

Case App Giveaway-Design your own phone case!

Hello all my lovely followers! Today on the blog i am doing a fun giveaway with Case App and giving away one phone case to one lucky winner! 
I'm so excited because i've always been a case hoarder and collect iphone cases like no ones business! I just love all the different designs and patterns! It's just fun! Please tell me i'm not the only one!
With Case App you can select from one of their designs or make one of your own! Which is so cool! 

How to enter:

follow me on my instagram handle : Stephlexx


Tag 2 friends and thats your entry

Giveaway ends Friday 5/12

So simple & easy
Good luck to everyone
And as always thank you for following along in my journey
mucho love to all of you

09 April 2017

My Story, My Struggle with Depression

Today I am going to set fashion aside. I want to share something personal with you. I’m going to get really vulnerable with each and everyone of you. Giving you a glimpse behind the clothes, the makeup, and behind the lens. My entire life I have battled with anxiety and depression.
I’ve never written that on paper before. . . Definitely more difficult admitting it on paper and even out loud. Even more difficult sharing that with you. When I was about 10 years old, I would have moments of unhappiness; not knowing why. When I became a teenager those unhappy feelings and foggy thoughts kept clouding my brain. I became an unhappy person. I would lash out, eat less, even skipping school for days (sorry mom); even sleep for days sometimes. There was a tiny moment where I thought it was just a phase. Telling myself “What’s wrong with you?! You are one crazy girl. Get it together!” I forced myself to be happy on the outside-always smiling-but deep down I felt like I was drowning. There were moments where i just didn't want to be alive anymore. There were some very dark moments..but, day by day, prayer by prayer, I was wishful in hoping that this darkness of unhappiness would leave. That one day I would wake up and feel alive, happy, and energized. “What’s wrong with me God?” I’d asked myself over and over. I tended to hide behind people. Mainly the relationships I had with my family and friends. I would push people away. I drove my family insane. They always wondered what was wrong with me and why I was always unhappy. I didn’t know why either. . . What was a teenage girl supposed to say? My life was amazing. My life is still amazing. I had parents and siblings who loved me. I had a wonderful home. Today, I have a spectacular husband and one beautiful baby girl, Alaina. When I gave birth, I hit rock bottom. Now, hit the breaks. I’m not insinuating I didn’t want to be a mother or regretted anything. I ended up being so anxious that my depression got worse. At this point in my life, my depression became like a bad gas leak. Affecting everyone around me. I decided it was time to receive some help. I saw a therapist. She was beyond helpful. She taught me many ways to cope with my anxiety and depression. For a time, I even tried medication. But, it wasn't for me. I’ve had my ups and downs. I’m not perfect. I even had this idealistic view of what I’m supposed to be; I hold myself to these standards that I try to reach. I’m imperfect in dealing with depression. Imperfect with these daily demons. Imperfect with my relationships. It’s been a journey. We all have our “things” we deal with. Mine happens to be depression and anxiety. Depression is difficult. But, depression doesn't stop me from experiencing real love. Loving myself in a new light. Loving my beautiful daughter and husband. Loving my parents and siblings. Loving who I become everyday. I learn every day, maybe forever. But depression doesn't stop me from being a mother, wife, or sister. It doesn't stop me from sharing my passion and love for fashion. I wanted to share a little bit of myself because I want to shed some light on real human problems. We are all human. We all deal with our own battles. It doesn't matter how someones life can be portrayed as “perfect.” Now, for anyone struggling with anxiety and/or depression, you’re not alone. If you are at a point in your life where you are seeking help, do it. I know its not as easy as it sounds. It took me years. There is light for everyone. There are people willing to help you. So thank you to everyone who’s been a part of this journey with me. Who are the path beneath my feet and keep me grounded. Life is beautiful.